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Feline died due to attack with sharp weapons: Post-mortem report

| | Haridwar | in Dehradun

After the post-mortem report of around two-year-old tigress, found dead from Sajjanpur Peeli beat of Shyampur forest division on May 10, confirmed that the feline died due to attack with sharp weapons, the forest department has sat up in alarm and the probe into the big cat’s death has taken a serious contour. The carcass had been found with broken limbs and wounds on its head.

 Earlier, the foresters had said that the tigress might have died due to infighting. Now, with the autopsy report having negated such a possibility, the forest department officers are seriously looking into the role of the Van Gujjars who are residing in Shyampur beat of Haridwar forest division. Some members of the community have been questioned too on the death of the tigress.         

Speaking of the matter on Wednesday,  Haridwar  divisional forest officer Akash Verma said, “We are questioning the Van Gujjar community people living in the Shyampur forest division. We have been sure from the beginning that the tigress did not die a natural death. Now, with the post-mortem report out, we are probing the case from the angle of   revenge killing.  The probe would be over soon and if it is found that the tigress was done away with those responsible would not be spared.”

Some villagers say that the possibility of the tigress being subjected to retaliatory killing cannot be ruled out. “Its mother  killed a buffalo a few days before the carcass was found,” said a villager.

However, a section of the forest officers said that they are not very hopeful of identifying the miscreants if the probe confirms the death as a retaliatory one.




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