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Jail inmates assault doctor, complaint lodged

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An inmate of Suddhowala jail assaulted a doctor in the prison on Saturday after which a case under appropriate sections of IPC has been registered against the inmate in Premnagar police station. Sources said that Dr Mohammad Shah Hasan was conducting medical check up of inmates at jail hospital. While administering medical check up to some inmates, Dr Hasan asked inmate Arvind Rana to leave the ward of the hospital and go to the barrack. 

This reportedly angered Rana who then allegedly assaulted Dr Hasan. Other inmates of the jail reached hospital ward after hearing the noise in the hospital and intervened to break the altercation and sent Rana to the barrack. The doctor who is posted as the medical officer at the Dehradun district jail lodged a complaint on Saturday evening. In his written complaint, Dr Hasan stated that while he was conducting medical checks of some inmates the accused inmate Rana had abused and manhandled him and prevented him of executing his Government duties while also issuing a life threat. Acting on the complaint, a case under sections 332/504/506 of IPC was registered against the accused inmate Rana in Premnagar police police station. A police team is investigating the case, said the Premnagar police station officer Mukesh Tyagi.




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