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Original form of water body should not tampered with: Residents

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Regarding planned ‘beautification’ of the pond in Defence Colony, a group of concerned residents of nearby localities have come together to demand that the original form of the water body should not be tampered with.

Apart from holding demonstrations near the pond, the citizens also wrote to the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) vice chairman Ashish Kumar Srivastav. While appreciating the Government plan for rejuvenating and beautifying the pond, they have also raised various concerns with Srivastav who also heads the committee formed by the Government for the task.

They stated, “We suggest that the committee formed by the Government should have members from the scientific community and some locals who have lived in the area in addition to members from Utarakhand State Biodiversity Board and forest department.

The originality of the pond should also be conserved as it is home to several wetland species like mud-flippers, yellow snake and various birds.

The rejuvenation and beautification work should be done considering the Biodiversity Act 2002, the Wildlife Protection Act and the Environment (Protection) Act. As there is no extra space around the pond, toilets, rest house, parking or any other construction should not be planned here.

Sewer and household water drains emptying in to this pond should also be diverted appropriately,” they added in their letter to the MDDA vice chairman.




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