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Police intervention: Under-age marriage stopped

| | Haridwar | in Dehradun

An alleged under-age marriage was stopped thanks to the timely intervention of Kankhal police on Tuesday. The groom along with his relatives and friends decided to give the wedding a miss after they came to learn that a police team was camping at the village where the alleged wedding of the minor girl was to be held.

Police said that the marriage procession with the groom which started from Imlikheda village in Kaliyar area stopped midway after they came to learn about the police team camping in the village of the minor bride. 

Speaking of the matter, the police station in-charge Kankhal Anuj Singh said, “The marriage of a girl hailing from Misserpur village was scheduled for Tuesday.  We acted after we received a complaint that that girl is a minor, below the marriageable age of 18.

 We were informed that she was being forced for the underage marriage by her   family members.”

Some neighbours of the bride said that the girl’s age is 17 years and 10 months.  




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