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Several school buildings crumbling, funds received for few

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Despite the regular stress laid by the State Government on improving the quality of primary education, a good number of schools, presently in dilapidated condition, are awaiting repair. Many of them are even shorn of the drinking water facilities. As per the proposal sent by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, many schools need immediate repairing. But a few of such proposals has been approved.

As per the information   provided by the officials, there are 12378 primary schools in the State (class one to class five), 2746 junior schools (class six to eight) and 7481 secondary schools (class eight to class 12th). Proposals of repairing for 1096 had been sent by the department, but the same of just 140 schools have been approved. 

Speaking of the matter,   Mukul Sati, additional project director, said, “As per the information received by us, just 140 schools are selected for repairing. We have received the funds. But the number is far less than that of the schools which immediately require repair. We are again proposing 196 schools which are in poor condition, needing repairing. We hope that a supplementary budget would be passed to clear funds for the purpose.”

As per the officials, there are 956 primary schools which are in a very poor condition and need urgent repairing. But just 336 schools are likely to get the approval for repairing. The other basic facility like drinking water is also lacking in the various schools spread across the State. There are 733 primary schools which do not have drinking water facility.

Sati, further said, “There are schools located in such remote areas that providing them with drinking water facility is very tough. Some schools need more funds than the others. However, we are leaving no stone unturned to provide the basic facilities to as many schools as possible.”




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