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Shiva temples decked up across holy city

| | Haridwar | in Dehradun

The Shiva temples located in the holy city were appropriately decked up for the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri on Tuesday.  Devotees thronged in their thousands the fabled temples of Daksh, Bilwakeshwar and Pardeshwar aside from Shankar Ashram since early morning. No temple- big or small-was left where Ganga water was not offered to the Shivalingas, the supreme symbol of the cosmic creativity.  Meanwhile, the fortnight- long Kanwad pilgrimage came to an end. Most of the devotees observed the ritualistic fasting on Tuesday while some have chosen to leave things for   Wednesday as the festival is being observed on both the days.  “Since the auspicious period would last till Wednesday we would perform Rudrabhishek tomorrow,” said a devotee from Model Colony of Haridwar.

The city offices, banks and educational institutions remained closed on Tuesday as per the holiday declared by the State Government. Police have put into place elaborate security measures at the prominent temples of the city  for the occasion.

As per the Hindu mythology, Ganga received a boon from Lord Prajapati that every stone  found strewn on her banks would be worshipped in the form of Shivalinga by ‘Shaiv’ devotees.

A sea of humanity flooded the revered Har Ki Paidi and other ghats since early morning. They took a holy dip in Ganga and offered milk to the mother Ganga and performed ‘abhishek’ of shivalingas with panchamrit (made of five derivatives from cow milk). The  chants of ‘Bam Bam Bhole’ and ‘Har Har Mahadev’ reverberated in the holy city  as the  rituals continued into the night at some of the temples.

Daksh temple saw serpentine queues of the devotees since the day dawned.  Legend has it that Parvati (Shiva’s consort) became ‘sati’ (a religious practice of offering oneself to the fire) at this place. Things were the same  at Bilwakeshwar temple, Shankar Ashram and Juna Akhara temple in Kankhal.

A special Rudraabhishek (offering of milk to Shivalinga) was arranged in  the night at the Pardeshwar and Neeleshwar Mahadev temples. 




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