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Test report: Water in Doon unsuitable for drinking

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While the authorities talk of achieving high level of development in the State, tests carried out by a voluntary group in the provisional state capital Dehradun have revealed that even the water supplied to localities with residences of cabinet ministers are supplied with water that contains higher than permissible levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and residual chlorine.

Society of Pollution and Environmental Control Scientists (SPECS) secretary Brij Mohan Sharma informed that the organisation had collected potable water samples from 96 locations in various parts of the city ranging from slum settlements to so called 'VIP' areas where homes of cabinet ministers and public representatives are also located. The samples were tested in the SPECS laboratory which revealed that none of the 96 samples of water were suitable for drinking. The total and fecal coliform were found in 37 samples and super chlorination was found in 76 samples. Only in two places-Nayi Basti (Bindal) and at Chandernagar was the residual chlorine found up to the mark (0.2 mg/litre). In some places total and fecal coliform were not found in the water but here too the quality of the water was spoiled by super chlorination.

Sharma said that while residual chlorine should not be more than 0.2 mg/litre, the quantity of total dissolved solids (TDS) should not be more than 300 mg/litre. However, even in localities with homes of cabinet ministers and public respresentatives the potable water was found to be containing residual chlorine and TDS beyond the standards. At Yamuna Colony where Minister Subodh Uniyal resides, the TDS is 430 and residual chlorine is 1.2. Similarly, in the Dobhalwala and New Cantonment Road (Hathibadkala) areas where Cabinet Minister Prakash Pant, leader of opposition in the Vidhan Sabha and Haldwani MLA Indira Hridayesh have their residences, the residual chlorine was found to be 0.4 to 1.4 though the TDS was found to be within limits at 272 to 241.. In Mohitnagar area where MLA Khajan Das lives, the TDS in water was found to be 426 while the residual chlorine is 0.8.

In addition these findings, no chlorine was found in the water samples from 32 localities. In 24 localities the chlorine was found to be more than the standard at 0.4 to 0.8 mg/litre while in 20 localities the chlorine was found to be more than 1 mg/litre. More than the standard quantity of chlorine and TDS has various detrimental effects on the health, added Sharma.




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