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U-turn: Edu Dept plans to use phones in schools

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In a sort of complete U- turn, the state Government is now planning to use the mobile phone for ensuring the attendance of teachers after having banned it in the schools.

 To make sure that the teachers are regularly coming to the schools, the state education department would soon install a system of real time attendance in all its schools. After the implementation of this system, teachers would not be able to bunk their duties.

The education department has developed a software (Ujjwal) in which the mobile phones of all the teachers would be linked with a central server. After installation of this software every teacher would be provided with an ID.

On his arrival in the school the teachers would have to put their thumb impression on the screen of the phone this will click a selfie of the teacher. This data would be uploaded on the central server which will even monitor the movement of teacher. At the end of the school time teachers would again put their thumb on the mobile screen and the time of their signing off would be recorded.

The education minister Arvind Pandey said that the installation of this system would save the cost of placing biometric attendance system in all the schools.

Interestingly shortly after assuming charge, education minister Arvind Pandey had  directed that teachers should not carry mobile phones in the schools.

The minister gave this order on receipt of complaints that instead of teaching students many teachers remain busy on their smart phones while they are in the schools.

This order was resented by the teachers on the issue of their security after which department clarified that teacher can take their phones to the schools but would keep them in switch off mode.

When asked to comment on this contradiction on mobile phones, Pandey said that after marking their attendance the students can switch off their phones.




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