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Use nano tech for quality paper making: FRI

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The Forest Research Institute (FRI) director Savita emphasised on the need to explore the applications of emerging research areas like nano technology for quality paper manufacturing. She was speaking at a research seminar on future research needs in the field of paper sciences and bio-energy from cellulosic waste at the institute.

Addressing the gathering, the FRI director said that the expected outcomes of this seminar will be able to provide clear dimensions for future research priorities and be helpful in formulation and development of need based research programmes and inter institutional collaborations in the field of pulp and paper and bio energy.

Speaking on the eve,  ex director of the Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute (CPPRI) Saharanpur, RM Mathur stressed on the need of evolution of various hybrid clones for their suitability for production of pulp and paper. CPPRI scientist AK Dixit highlighted the concept of integrated agro based biorefinery for sustainable growth of paper industry.

He also spoke in detail about the future scope for research in this emerging area.

The ex- head of FRI’s cellulose and paper division, Sanjay Naithani spoke of the need for exploration of new Polysaccharide sources as natural additive to improve fiber - fiber bonding particularly in recycle paper processing for papermaking (furnishes).

Earlier, the cellulose and paper division head Vikas Rana welcomed the gathering.

He informed that the main aim of the seminar was to explore new research areas in the field of pulp and paper and bioenergy through brain storming and recommendations of senior scientists and experts.

The seminar was a part of an initiative recently adopted by Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) to sensitise minds for future research initiatives and roadmap.

The seminar was aimed at ascertaining demanding research areas based on user’s needs, industrial priorities and stakeholders requirements through discussion and brain storming among various experts, scientists, stakeholders and academicians in the field of pulp and paper and bioenergy. 




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