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For them at Matri Aanchal - A new lease of life

| | Haridwar | in Dehradun

It was a simple but special marriage at Matri Aanchal Kanya Vidyapeeth located just about five kilometres from the city proper. 

A lady industrialist was doing Kanya daan of two girls in the presence of the grooms’ family relatives. From the brides’ side were other girls of the school and a sadhvi who had brought them both up since infancy. Today they were leaving their adopted home to become daughters of another family in Haryana and Delhi.

 Sunita, aged 22 years and Deepa, aged 25 years, who were getting married on Sunday in the holy city may not have their biological parents with them, the ritual ceremonies and lunch for the ‘Baratis’ were organised with the person doing Kanya daan being Lalita Nijhawan.

 Sunita who is pursuing BA got married to Vinod, a post graduate in science who is working as a manager in a Delhi based company. Deepa is high school pass and tied the nuptial knot with a contractor, Harjinder based in Haryana. Sunita’s parents were suffering from leprosy and they had brought her to this orphanage when she was very small whereas Deepa’s family had met with an accident and she was left in this orphanage by relatives unable to bear the burden of rearing her. Speaking to The Pioneer, industrialist and social worker Lalita Nijhawan who has been supporting Matri Anchal since the year 2000 said, “I consider myself blessed with nobility and money by the grace of God to protect, feed and educate these girls. The orphanage has 90 abandoned girls right from infants to those aged 25 years, each having a tragic story to tell.” Telling how it all started, Lalita said, “Eighteen years ago, I was moved to see the plight of the children in Banswara village in Rajasthan where children used to get food every third day. We opened a school and the children who got support from the only school in the region further became our supporters and we had soon progressed to 128 schools in the north east. From the year 2000, I have been supporting Matri Anchal for their different needs.”

Director of the Nijhawan group of companies, Lalita Nijhawan is also an active member of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), having represented India at various platforms in different countries. She has also been awarded for her social work in the spheres of childrens’ education and woman empowerment. 




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