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9 lakh complaints on farm loan waiver scheme in UP

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After a record farm loan waiver the Yogi Adityanath government is facing a daunting task of disposing of complaints different departments had received in connection with the farm loan waiver scheme.

 Under the scheme, loans of more than 34 lakh farmers to the tune of about Rs 21,000 crore have been waived of, but about nine lakh farmers have filed their complaint on the departmental portal, an official confirmed here on Wednesday.

The complaints have been received from almost every district and their number is in thousands from each district. The complainants say that they got a loan waiver certificate but still the bank is continuing their account and deducting the loan amount from them.  Some farmers have also received notice of recovery from concerned banks.

Taking cognizance of the complaint the government has decided to open the loan waiver portal and order officials to dispose of the complaints by April 20.

Officials claim that some farmers took the farm loan waiver illegally and hence their waiver certificate has been cancelled. Regardless, if someone claims his eligibility, he has been given the opportunity to file a complaint. The district level committee will take a decision after the investigation, he said.

 Agricultural department officials say that listening the complaints of all the farmers and their verification at the local level will settle the issue permanently.




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