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CM stresses on importance for protecting environment

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Stressing for the importance for protecting environment Chief Minister Yogi  Adityanath said that conservation of environment and sustainable development is a massive challenge and has to be met squarely because it is a matter of life and death for all of us.

“The components of nature are interdependent on each other and human being have to play a significant role in protecting them. Here religion has important role which is vital to sensitize human beings to think and act better. It is unfortunate that modern generation has no time to go through religious books because it is busy in its mundane enjoyment. This directly affects our environment,” Yogi said while addressing a seminar Samvad II: Dialogue for Peace, Harmony, and Security – a global initiative for conflict Avoidance and Environmental Consciousness in Yangoon in Myanmar  on Sunday.

He said in this scenario the initiative cannot be left to the government to protect environment. it is the responsibility of institutions to come forward and volunteer to build mutual trust towards preservation of environment.

“Every single being, all over the globe, irrespective of nationality, religion, caste, profession or status must strain to his fullest ability to make this earth of ours truly habitable planet. It is in our hands whether high or low, big or small, powerful or not so powerful to contribute to the emergence of a social order where the facility of the government will be made available to all,” Yogi said.

He said: “We have inherited the legacy of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha which is reflected in the policies of the state government which is committed to the welfare of one and all by pursuing the path of Sabka saath,  sabka vikas. The state government is also developing Ramayana circuit, Krishna circuit and Buddhist circuit so that essence of their message percolates down.”

Talking about Buddhist circuit he said that several important places connected with the life of Lord Buddha are situated here.  The task of connecting these places is in progress. This will help international tourists and devotees to reach these places and enjoy a spiritual thrill.

Talking about Hinduism he said that introspection of self analysis is essence of this religion. We have inherited a glorious tradition of tolerance and peaceful accommodation of ideas. Peaceful discussion in an amiable environment should alone be the guiding principle to resolve differences without recourse to any kind of confrontation.

“Karmayoga in Hindusim is the spiritual path which lays great emphasis on right action at the right moment by relinquishing all material desires. Besides, the three seminal teachings of Lord Buddha are relevant in ushering in desired change in the old Indian society. I am convinced that this will give a healing touch to people all over the world,” CM said.  




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