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Govt steps to flush out illegal migrants apprehending terror threat

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With Central Intelligence agencies apprehending potential terror threat from illegal migrants especially Rohingyasfrom Myanmar, the state government initiated preventive steps to flush out all illegal migrants.   

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reportedly expresed his concern over growing infiltration into UP by illegal migrants and directed top police officials to launch a survey to identify foreign nationals staying illegally in the state. The CM issued the directions at a meeting to review law and order in LUkcnow on Wednesday. 

Yogi reportedly also asked the top cops to carry out an intensive campaign to check infiltration of suspicious elements from countries or states sharing borders with UP. 

Only on Tuesday, Yogi had cleared the formation of Special Police Operation Team (SPOT) in Anti-Terrorists Squad (ATS) which would work on the lines of National Security Guard (NSG) and is expected to be the fastest response force for any kind of terror activity in UP. 

In the past, local intelligence agencies as well as sleuths of Anti-Terrorists Squad have stumbled upon the fact that illegal migrants from Bangladesh were either involved in terror attacks in the state or served as sleeping modules and facilitated ultra groups in carrying out subversive activities in the state. 

“A statewide survey of foreign nationals, staying illegally or having entered UP through valid documents and later vanishing after the expiry of their visa, would soon be conducted,” said a top police officer in Lucknow on Thursday. 

The officer said that after identifying such migrants, they would deport them as per guidelines. He said that earlier too, similar exercises were carried out after Bangladeshis in large numbers migrated to larger districts of UP. 

The officer claimed that the major problem that they were likely to face during the exercise was that a large number of Bangladeshi migrants have managed to procure Adhar Card, Driving Licenses, Passport etc esablishing local attachment. “The police personnel will have to dig deep to confirm the veracity of the papers submitted with the departments to manage the Identity cards. 




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