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Mayawati hits out at Modi Govt. for insulting judiciary

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Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati hit out at the Modi government at the Centre for allegedly insulting the judiciary from time to time. She also alleged that the Union law minister was transforming the system into a 'kotwali' in the appointment of judges.

"The Union law minister said that his ministry was not a post office that would blindly recommend names of judges sent by the Supreme Court. It seems that the law ministry has turned into a 'kotwali' for appointment of judges violating all Constitutional norms," asserted Mayawati. 

"If the law ministry is not a post office as claimed by the minister, then it is also not a 'kotwali' that it can take any decision that it wants," she said.

In a statement released in Lucknow on Tuesday, Mayawati said that the law ministry first blocked appointment of 300 judges and later gave approval to appoint 126 judges in one go. "This mentality shows how the law ministry is working and it is not a sensible stand of the ministry," she claimed.

The BSP chief's response came after Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stated on Monday that the executive was not committing a 'cardinal sin' by seeking reconsideration of some proposals made by the Supreme Court Collegium on appointment of judges. 

Referring to allegations that the Centre was stalling appointments to the Supreme Court and 24 High Courts, Prasad said that neither the law minister nor the law ministry was a 'post office' which would process recommendations of the Collegium on the appointment of judges.

Meanwhile, Mayawati reiterated her demand that Dalits, tribals, backwards and religious minorities should get adequate representation in the judiciary. 

"These communities are lagging behind in getting their due in the judiciary since independence but there is no one to look into the matter," she said.




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