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Mayawati to send strong signal of her Party’s `Zero Tolerance’ stand

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Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Mayawati once again made efforts to send a strong signal of her Party’s `Zero Tolerance’ stand towards unlawful activities by the Party leaders and workers. She suspended the son of Party Rajya Sabha MP, Munkad Ali from the Party for making excesses, on Thursday. Mayawati also appealed to Ali and his wife, who recently won chairperson election of the Kithore Nagar Panchayat in Meerut, that if they think that the action was justified than they should come in open against their son otherwise they were welcome to leave the Party as ‘discipline’ in the Party is on top of her Priority than the MP, MLA or another senior leader.  Mayawati said that it Ali and his wife would welcome the action then she had assured them of getting all support from the Party in the future also. According to an official communiqué issued by the BSP here on Thursday evening, Mayawati said that her Party had always act tough against unlawful activities even if her own Party leaders were involved in it. She claimed that during her tenure as chief minister, she sent one Lok Sabha MP and two Party MLAs to jail just after their name come for their involvement in unlawful activities. She claimed that action against Munkad Ali’s son was taken as it came to knowledge that he and his supporters were involved in grabbing a dispute shop besides ransacking shop owned by a Dalit in Meerut. Meanwhile, on the recent dispute over hearing of Ayodhya issue, Mayawati said that her Party always favoured an amicable situation and will abide by the judgement of the Supreme Court in this regard. She said that the political parties particularly Bharatiya Janta Party should stop making politics over Ayodhya and let to Apex Court settle the issue.




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