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Muslim women thank Modi government for stringent law on 'Triple Talaq'

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Muslim women in large number came out on the streets in Lucknow ,Varanasi and Gorakhpur on Thursday to thank the Narendra Modi government for bringing a stringent law on Triple Talaq to protect the rights of the women. In Lucknow, around 100 women brought out a procession at Rumi Gate in the old city area. The women were carrying posters of Narendra Modi in which it was written that they thank the BJP government for bringing strict law against Triple Talaq. Similarly in Gorakhpur, the muslim women brought out procession near Chetna roundabout in the city. The women here in the posters even asked the muslim women in Gujarat to support the BJP in the assembly polls. They said that the Triple Talaq law would change the life of the muslim women and the message should go to Gujarat where the assembly elections are being held. In Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the muslim women thanked the PM for fulfilling the promise and announced to support BJP in the future elections in the country. The muslim women brought out a procession near Godhilia.  UP is one of the first state in the country to approve the Triple Talaq Bill to be tabled in the Parliamentary in the coming winter session. The Bill proposes 3 years imprisonment for  giving Triple Talaq at one go besides fine.




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