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Naresh Uttam to be renomionated by Samajwadi Party

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Samajwadi Party is likely to renomionate Naresh Uttam, the state president of the party for the lone seat of the Legislative council it can win on its own strength in state assembly.  

April 16 is the last date for filing the nomination papers for council elections. April 17 and the scrutiny of the papers will be held on April 17.

The biennial elections for the 13 seats of the council will be held for the assembly constituency. On May 5, 13 members of the council will retire.  The other constituencies that elect members to the Council are graduate constituency, teacher’s constituency and Local body’s constituency. 

All the 13 candidates are likely to be elected unopposed as so far only 12 candidates have been announced by the political parties. The BJP has announced 10 candidates, One of Apna Dal-the ally of the BJP, BSP has announced one and the SP will also field one candidate. All the 13 candidates are likely to be declared elected unopposed on April 19, the last date of withdrawal of nomination papers. 

The Samajwadi party has already announced to support the Bahujan Samaj party candidate   BR Ambedkar. He has already filed his nomination papers. He will be the joint opposition candidate. Besides SP transferring its surplus votes to the BSP candidate Congress will also support the BSP candidate thus ensuring his victory.  The BSP candidate B R Ambedkar   had contested the biennial Rajya Sabha polls too as a joint opposition candidate last month but lost to the BJP.

The prominent among the MLCs retiring on May 5 include   eight from the Samajwadi party and two from the Bahujan Samaj party.  SP President Akhilesh Yadav is also retiring on May 5. After the election the tally of the SP in the upper house    would come down to 55 from the present 61. BSP’s tally in the Council will dip from nine to seven as its two members, Legislative Council leader Sunil Chittor and Vijay Pratap, are retiring. Ajit Singh led Rashtriya Lok Dal will not have any representation in the Upper House with its lone MLC Chaudhary Mushtaq is also retiring on May 5




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