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NGO questions UP Govt. over Mall Avenue transformation

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Lok Prahari - an NGO, questioned the UP government’s decision to allow Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati to convert a part of the Mall Avenue allotted to her as former CM into Kanshiram memorial. On the PIL filed by Lok Prahari, the Supreme Court in May had ordered all former CMs to vacate government bungalows allotted to them. 

General secretary of Lok Prahari, SN Shukla in a communication sent to Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar said, “It will be against the decisions of Supreme Court that no residential bungalow be converted into memorial etc. In fact, in the case of former CM of Tamilnadu, J Jayalalitha, the SC had struck down even construction of arches on a highway in her name.’’

Shukla suggested to the government that the proper course will be to use the said bungalow as a second VVIP guest house in view of the increase in VVIP visits from Delhi and other states. 

The library, museum, statues and other artifacts in the bungalow may be shifted to the sprawling Manyvar Kanshiram Smriti Upvan on Jail Road spread over several acres where the public can freely see the same without causing avoidable risk to VIPs living in Mall Avenue. 

Questioning the government’s move to allow the BSP chief to convert a part of the bungalow no. 13-A Mall Avenue into Kanshiram Memorial, Shukla pointed out that Mayawati herself had sought allotment of  the entire bungalow in her name as her residence under the Act enacted  after the Supreme Court judgment in August 2016.

He said that this confirmed the fact that the earmarking a part of the said bungalow as ‘Manyavar Kanshiram Yadgar Vishram Sthal’ earlier was only a ploy to defend illegal annexation of  2, Mall avenue to 13-A since even the 1997 Rules permitted allotment of only one Type-V bungalow.

Shukla said that the demand being made now for separating part of the bungalow as a memorial was untenable for several reasons. Firstly, there was no justification to have a memorial for leader of any one party in a VIP bungalow which was constructed for officers and later occupied by ministers. If accepted there will be no end to it with change in governments.  Secondly, this will be in violation of Article 205 of the Constitution since legislative approval for the colony was for residences and as such it could not be put to any other use. 

Thirdly, it would be against the decisions of Supreme Court that no residential bungalow be converted into memorial etc.




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