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No substitute for development and hard work : Yogi Adityanath

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Stressing the importance of development, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that there was no substitute to development and collective thinking could generate positive vibes which in turn could help in transforming a city.

Yogi was speaking at Gorakhpur after laying the  foundation of 66 projects and also inaugurated seven schemes. All these projects cost around Rs 59 crore.

“Gorakhpur was earlier treated as a backward district. But the fact is that at one time, it was one of the most developed districts of the state. Because of political negligence and apathy, this district lagged behind in all aspects. But things are changing now. Gorakhpur is progressing on the path of development,” the CM said while addressing a public meeting on Monday.

Yogi further said that there was no substitute for development and hard work. “This is a known fact that development not only improves the quality of life of residents but also brings investments, which in turn helps youth to get employment at door steps,” he said

A five-time MP from Gorakhpur, Yogi said that water-logging was a perennial problem of this area and work has been started to get rid of the menace. 

“Work is on to widen roads, provide uninterrupted power supply and drinking water as was commited by the government. This can only be achieved with participation of masses. Corporators should take up the challenge and work on this line. This is not difficult. We only need determination to do it. You should also plant saplings in your wards. A little bit of awareness can keep the city clean,” the Chief Minister asserted.

In his 30 minute speech, Yoga  elaborated on the achievements of his government and spoke on improved power supply, houses to the poor, construction of toilets and generating employment for the youth through ‘One District One Project’ (ODOP) scheme.

“In urban areas, fluorescent lights are being replaced with LED. This is not only saving power but also giving the streets a radiant look. So far 5.50 lakh street lights have been replaced,” Yogi infomed.




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