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Population control is the biggest challenge before the country : CM Yogi

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Expressing concern over the rising population of India, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that religion and caste should not influence population control as the country's huge population has emerged as a big problem for its progress and the need of the hour was to control population.

"Population control is the biggest challenge before the country and is in the interest of every individual. There should be no politics on religion or caste lines over population control," Yogi said while addressing a gathering after flagging off a rally to mark International Population Day in Lucknow on Wednesday.

The Chief Minister said that India was adding a 'new Australia' every year to its population and the immediate need was to control the unbridled rise. "Unless this was done it would be impossible to provide basic facilities to the citizens," he said.

“People should be made aware about problems that the country is facing because of its huge population. There is instability in society because the government is unable to provide basic facilities of life to people because of its large number. People should get better health care, education, roads and drinking water. This is possible only if population could be controlled,” he said.

Yogi said that there were reports of mal-nutrition and his government was trying to eradicate it. "Every rupee and effort put in by the government is being nullified by the huge population of UP in particular and of India in general," he said.

Several ministers and officials were present at the function where over 5000 youths participated in the rally on their bikes and cycles.

The state government also launched a fortnight-long population stability programme from Wednesday that will continue till July 25 in which people will be made aware about safe family planning methods. They will be told that religion and caste could not influence population control methods.




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