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Prime agenda to dislodge BJP in 2019 general election : Yechury

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Our prime agenda will be to dislodge the BJP form power in the 2019 general elections and we will consolidate the anti-BJP votes and launch a mass movement from next month to achieve this. 

This was stated by Secretary General of Communist Party of India (Marxist) Sitaram Yechury during an interaction with newsmen at state CPI headquarters in Lucknow on Tuesday.

Yechury hit out at BJP leaders and it policies saying that the BJP has to be removed from power (BJP ko hatana hoga). 

“Dalits and minorities are being attacked almost every part of the country. Their sufferings have increased manifold since the BJP came to power at the Centre and in states like Uttar Pradesh,” said the CPI (M) leader.

Yechury said that the BJP was even attacking the Constitutional system to strengthen its Hindutav theme and intimidating people and leaders alike. 

“The existing tradition of political system has taken a back seat since the BJP formed the Union government. They are appointing their men as heads of different educational institutes, at UGC and other important wings. Now they are invading the administrative system by appointing joint secretaries in Central government and thus doing a lateral entry in the system,’ he said.

Explaining the importance of bureaucracy, Yechury said that stalwarts of different parties had formed the administrative system in such a way that it was supposed to be of steel framed. “By lateral entry into the system, the BJP is aiming to weaken it,” he charged. 

The CPI (M) leader said that it was high time that anti-BJP political parties came on the same platform and counter the BJP’s invasive policies to save the nation and for the good of the people. 

In reply to a question that there was dearth of PM face in the united opposition, Yechury said that there was dearth of leaders in the country and also in the opposition. 

“After Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a similar question was raised by many political analysts and then came Manmohan Singh, who served as Prime Minister with the longest term in succession,” he said. 

Yechury said there will be an alliance post the general elections and a leader will selected thereafter. “The equation between political parties going for alliance varies from state to state. So, an alliance between opposition parties will be different for different states,” he said.

The CPM leader also chastised PM Narendra Modi for his foreign policy. “During the 2014 election, the PM used to boast of 56-inch chest as mark of bravado. But it has failed even in handling Pakistan, which is constantly attacking our soldiers and harming the economy,’ theCPI (M) leader said.

About the stability of united opposition, Yechury said that unity was the demand of time in the present scenario. 

“It is not alliance/unity of political leaders of different parties. But it is unity of people who are voters of these parties. The public at large is thinking that the BJP should not be repeated and this pressure has made the opposition to become united,” Yechury said.




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