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State Govt sets target of generating 10,700 MW of solar power by 2022

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Uttar Pradesh government has set an ambitious target of generating 10,700 MW of solar power in next five years by the end of 2022. The solar energy sector is likely to attract fresh investment of Rs 50,000 cr during this period. UP government on Monday had announced new solar policy which has provided fresh incentives for the investors in solar energy sector.

The non conventional energy minister Brijesh  Pathak  said in a press conference here on Wednesday  that with the creation of  fresh capacity of 10,700 MW of solar power will lead to the reduction of 1.36 cr MT of carbon emission every year which will be equivalent to absorption of carbon dioxide by 6.42 crore trees. 

Announcing incentive for the investors in solar energy sector, the minister said ``the private solar power generator will have the freedom to sell the power anywhere in the country and will get 100 percent waiver in transmission charges’’.  He said in the earlier solar energy policy formulated by the previous Samajwadi party government it was mandatory for the solar power generators to sell 100 percent power to UP Power Corporation Limited.

He said for the new solar power projects in Bundelkhand and eastern UP, the state government would bear the cost of linking the solar power project with the power grid or the cost incurred in laying the overhead power line. “The Bundelkhand region is the ideal location for the solar power generation   and the state government intends to set up mega solar power in public sector and special incentives will be provided to the private investors setting up the solar parks in Bundelkhand region’’, said Brijesh pathak.  The minister added `` installation of new solar power parks in Bundelkhand region will not only create fresh job opportunities, it will also accelerate industrialization in the regions with the availability of additional power’’.

``Presently 80 percent of the solar power plants are located in Bundelkhand region. The state government with financial assistance of Union government is working on a project costing Rs 4,000 crore `Green corridor project’ for the evacuation of the power generated from solar sources in Bundelkhand’’, said the minister.

The minister said the new solar energy policy has been formulated as per the promise made by the BJP in its election manifesto (Sankalp Patr) for this year’s assembly elections for promoting the generation of solar power at the rooftops by the individual households. He said for the installation of the rooftop solar panels linked to the power grid, the state government will provide a subsidy of Rs 1,500 per kilowatt. He said this subsidy will be besides the subsidy to be provided by the Central government. He said the state government will provide the subsidy to the 100 solar power plants to be set up in the state and this is likely to benefit 50,000 power consumers.  The minister said for facilitating the installation of the solar plats up to 10 mw capacity have been exempted from the inspection and certification by the state electricity safety directorate.  The Solar energy policy 2017 will be valid for the next five years.




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