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State produced 62.71 lakh tonnes of sugar

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Uttar Pradesh has produced a record 62.71 lakh tonnes of sugar during the current sugarcane crushing season with a recovery of 10.35 per cent - the highest in recent years.

A government spokesman said in a statement in Luknow on Wednesday that the mills also paid the highest ever amount of Rs 12444.22 crore to cane farmers till date.

As per details, all 119 sugar mills were functioning in the state while during the last crushing season 116 mills were in operation till this time. 

Cane crushed till date was 606.33 lakh tons against  509.53 lakh tons during the previous crushing season while payment made so far this season stood at Rs 124,44.22 crore against Rs 100,54.13 crore made in the last season.

Sugar produced till date was 62.71 lakh tons with a recovery of 10.34 per cent while in the corresponding period last season, it was 51.20 lakh tons with a recovery of 10.05 per cent.




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