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4 Korba villagers receive ‘Sri Method’ farming training

| | Balconagar | in Raipur

The farmers of four villages under Korba district received training for using ‘Sri Method’ of farming. This was done under ‘Project Jalgram’ being implemented jointly by Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO) and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development  (NABARD), a company press release informed.

A total of 78 farmers hailing from villages under the purview of the project, namely Village Bela, Bhatgaon, Sonpuri and Rughbehari received different types of fertilisers. This will help increase the quantity of paddy crop in 86 acres of farming land belonging to the local farmers.

RK Trivedi, Asst Manager, Community Development, Balco was present during the fertiliser distribution programme at Bela and Bhatgaon.

‘Jalgram Project’:  The purpose of the project being implemented jointly by Balco and Nabard is the development of check dams in villages, construction of ponds, to help bring about an increase in irrigation facilities, train the farmers in modern techniques of farming, train them in use of progressive seeds and in the usage of fertilisers. In the year 2015-16, Balco-Nabard had helped 32 farmers in the use of ‘Sri Method’ for growing paddy crop. As a result of the joint efforts of Balco and Nabard, Village Dondro in the vicinity of Balco has now become a part of those villages which grow Rabi crop. The implementation of this project has been done by an NGO, namely ‘Afpro Taskforce’.




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