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C’garh starts work on inter-linking rivers: Brijmohan

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The Chhattisgarh Government has started work for inter-linking rivers to extend irrigation facilities across the State, State Agriculture Minister Brijmohan Agrawal told reporters on Tuesday.

Addressing a press conference to highlight the achievements of ruling BJP Government in Chhattisgarh during the past 14 years , the Minister said that Mahanadi river would be linked with Tandula, Pairi with Mahanadi, Rehar with Stem, Ahiran with Kharang and Hasdeo with Kevai.

The survey work for commencing the project has already begun , he said.

Under Chirag project, there is a project proposal of Rs 1500 crore and funding from the World Bank is being sought. Around four lakh farmer families will be linked to the scheme . Moreover, around 50,000 youths will be given skill training in Agriculture under the project, the Minister said.

 Agrawal said that State Government had given top priority for the development of irrigation facilities and agriculture .

The Budget of the Water Resources Department had been increased from Rs  493.90 crore to Rs 3155 crore.

The Budget had been hiked by seven times. Special Mission had been launched to complete all the irrigation projects. The capacity of the projects had been increased from 23 per cent to 36 per cent. Major irrigation projects which were completed are Mahanadi Projects group, Minimata (Hasdeo) Bango project and Jonk diversion project. Medium irrigation projects completed are- Kosarteda, Kharkahar Modipaat, Sutiyapaat Reservoir project Kaaranala Barrage, Upper Jonk project and Maand diversion project, he said.


The Minister said that 440 minor irrigation projects and 651 Anicut and stop dams had also been completed on rivers and canals. The ground water tables had also increased in all the villages.

The major irrigation projects which are under various stages of construction are-Sounder, Arpa-Bhainsachaar, Kelo and Rajiv Samoda-Nisad diversion projects.

Medium irrigation projects under construction are -Mongara barrage, Sukha nala baarge and Dhumriya barrage.

Agrawal revealed that three State irrigation projects- Kelo,Kharang and Maniyari-had been included in the list of Prime Minister Agriculture Irrigation Scheme's  99 projects. About 42, 625 hectares of additional agriculture land would be brought under cultivation after the completion of the major projects.

 The Min said that the State had bagged four Ntl 'Krishikarman' awards. 3 awards had been given to the record rice production and one for pulses' production. The Budget had been increased from Rs 184 crore to Rs 1887.64 crore  during the past 14 years . There was an increase of 47 per cent paddy production, 156 per cent pulses and 43 per cent in oil seeds.

  Agrawal said that the State had attained self-sufficiency in the production of high-quality seeds during the past 14 years. The production had touched 10.50 lakh quintals. There are about 103 godowns at present which had a capacity to stock 81, 650 metric tonnes of seeds.




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