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‘Follow safety norms unfailingly’

| | Balconagar | in Raipur

We are all a part of the BALCO family. No member of the family should work without safety. We should all follow the safety norms unfailingly, and commit to make BALCO the safest plant in the world”, Vikas Sharma, CEO and Director, BALCO, said at the Suraksha Chaupal programme organized at Plant-II canteen here, a company press release informed.

In a first of its kind event, more than 200 officials, employees and contract laborers participated in the Suraksha Chaupal, it informed.

Sharma cited out the benefits of safety measures with different stand points.

He said that the reason for accidents was the failure to bring safety norms into habit. Safety measures should be practiced not with the intent to escape the fine but to bring it to the conscious behaviour.

Sharma emphasised on the use of all safety equipment during work. The car driver as well as the passengers wear safety belts. The Motorbike rider as well as the pillion wear helmet.

Deepak Prasad, Head, Aluminium Business, BALCO said that the management is always vigilant that the plant is accident free every day. The probability of accident increases when the established norms are not abided by. Overconfidence while working is also one of the major reasons for mishaps. Whatever the reason, it leads to a loss of human resource.

It is our responsibility to keep ourselves safe during work. If someone is found working without adequate safety measures, they should be stopped and encouraged to follow safety norms, he said




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