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Naya Raipur gets Public Bicycle sharing service

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Environmental friendly, beneficial to health and economically viable, the public bicycle sharing service was inaugurated by Chief Minister Raman Singh at Naya Raipur.

He handed over the Public bicycle sharing card to school going girl students to launch the service. Chief Minister aid that this service not only help the school going children but also the public. He said this service is also helpful in keeping one fit.

Naya Raipur Development Authority had started the service in Naya Raipur area by making the bicycle available at minimum rates for the residents.

The service has been started with 100 bicycles and 10 stations have been made. From these stations, the user can pick bicycle or leave it. Nayar Raipur has around 55 kilometres bicycle track. These bicycles are fitted with GPS system and would be continuously monitored from control room.

App, Smart-card, log in pin or mobile phone can be used to make the payment and bicycle can be taken on rent. One has to give Identity proof, Company would verify it at its level.

Registered customer App can be used to scan the cycle number and open the lock. As the charges are bare minimum, it is hoped that through the service, it would promote bicycling in the Naya Raipur area. Already in Naya Raipur area modern BRT bus services and now public bicycle sharing has been launched, which would assist in keeping the environment clean.

During the inauguration, at Sector 19, housing and environment minister Rajesh Munat, NRDA chairman Aman Singh and NRDA CEO Rajat Kumar and other officers were present.




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