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Oppn stages walkout over Land Ceiling Act issue

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Opposition Congress members staged walkout in Chhattisgarh Assembly over the issue of  Land Ceiling Act on Monday.

The members were not satisfied with the reply of Revenue Minister Prem Prakash Pandey.

Congress member Bhupesh Bahhel had raised the issue of private companies  being given exemption under Land Ceiling Act.

He had alleged that the Act was an overlap with the Act formed by the Central Government.

The member asked if companies with mutual understanding  buy land then do they get exemption on maximum purchase or not.

Revenue Minister Prem Prakash Pandey informed that there is a provision for exemption on diversion of land and after diversion it does not remain an agricultural land.

Baghel then asked if  a land for which diversion had not taken place, will it have Land Ceiling Act encorced?

To this the Minister replied in the affirmative saying  the power to take action is with the District Collector.

The Opposition members were not satisfied with the reply and staged a walkout.




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