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6 tigers in PTR, no clarity on sex of carnivorous

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Wild Life Institute of India, Dehradun has on the basis of the DNA test of the samples of cat confirmed the presence of 6 tigers in tiger reserve Palamu. 54 samples of scat of the carnivores in PTR were sent to this institute. Some cat tested for leopard. Some cat went useless because of its degeneration. And the remaining ones testified to 6 tigers in PTR.

Field director PTR Madan Prasad Singh said PTR has 6 tigers now. However, Singh said it will take some more time to find as to how many of the 6 are female ones. Singh said samples of scat were collected from Garu East, Garu West, Bareysarn, Chhipadohar Kutku Betla etc which means a tiger here in PTR traverses much larger and longer territory or range for its prey than in other reserve where prey for tiger is most handy. He said tigers here are under duress.

He lamented habitat for tiger is in jeopardy for reasons of dominance of security forces in the PTR where there are nearly a dozen security posts from Serendag to Morwai to Labher to Mandal and the sounds of boots of troops, the marching of forces, search operations, combating with forces hostile to law of the land all take a toll of ambience for the tiger here.

Sources said samples of scat are sent to Dehradun Wild Life Institute of India quite regularly. Here in PTR samples were sent as back as in 2014. It was continuing with the latest sending of sample of scat in April 2017.

Sources said this institute held up the DNA analysis report all these years for want of payment for DNA analysis.

 Anil Kumar Mishra deputy director north PTR confirmed that once the payment was made to this institute this year it released the report of finding of DNA analysis of the sample of scat. The 6 tiger report from this institute has landed here just a couple of days back only.  

Mishra said the institute has duly informed the National Tiger Conservation Authority Delhi about the presence of six tigers in this PTR.  The institute has also given us in writing about these six tigers.

The institute has described these six tigers as T 1, T 2, T 3, T 4, T 5 and T 6. M P Singh agreed that there were multiple scat of individual tiger too. The institute during its analysis precluded this multiple sample and concentrated on one scat for one individual tiger.

Sources said on an average one DNA test of a sample of scat costs between Rs  2,000 to 2,500 . 




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