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Barnwal warns DCs against ignoring CM’s orders

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Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Sunil Kumar Barnwal today said that the Deputy Commissioners not complying with the order of the Chief Minister during the Seedhi Baat programme will be answerable for their action. Barnwal, while holding the weekly review meeting of CM Jan Samvad Centre, said this here on Tuesday when he came across a case where CM’s instruction to DC Ramgarh in January this year was not complied with.

The complaint was of one Govind Baraik of Ramgarh, who was working in the Forest Department from 2012 to 2015 under MADA scheme. He was not paid salary from 2013 to 2015. In its report, DFO, Ramgarh, had also confirmed that Govind Baraik was working there, despite that payment has not been made. This case was placed before the chief minister on January 30, 2018 during  Seedhi Baat. Then the Deputy Commissioner of Ramgarh was instructed for immediate payment but it has not yet been made.

During the review meeting, Barnwal said that action will be taken against outsourcing agencies which do not pay employees after work under Labour law. Complaints of all districts were reviewed through video conferencing and 18 complaints were specially reviewed.

In a complaint that salary was not paid to nearly 100 employees working in various offices of the Department of Energy, Jamtara, from September 2017, the Secretary instructed the Nodal officer to ensure payment of all employees and take action against agency.

Anil Kumar Singh, a resident of Serum village, Palamu, had been murdered in the year 2011. Even after 7 years of murder, the police have not taken any concrete action till date. On this, the CID nodal officer said that the investigation was going on. The Secretary instructed to complete investigation and take action on the matter and he also issued a show-cause notice to investigation officer about the delay. Barnwal also instructed ADG to CID to review the case.

In the Birni block of Giridih, 25 electric poles which are in the middle of road have not been removed. They were installed during the construction of road 4 years ago near Dabarsaini turning. Because of this, there was often a possibility of accident. So far three accidents have happened and a woman has died. On this Nodal Officer of Giridih told that the electric pole could not be removed due to not depositing the amount by the PWD to the energy department. The secretary instructed to remove electric poles within a week or the executive engineers of both the departments will be suspended and the matter will be kept in front of the Chief Minister during Seedhi Baat program.

Kamla Kumari Sanskrit College of Deoghar does not have the facility of drinking water and toilets. Because of this students face a lot of problems. Despite its complaint being made to the Deputy Commissioner in 2017, no action has been taken. On this, the Secretary instructed to solve this problem within a week.

Raghunath Devgam of East Singhbhum gave application in the District Industry Center for loan under PMEGP. The District Industry Center had approved the application and sent it to the Bank of India. The application has been pending in the bank for 6 months. On this Nodal officer pointed out that his application has been cancelled.

The secretary instructed to take action against the Bank manager who kept application pending for so long and then cancelled it. He also instructed to discuss this matter with senior bank officers.

As many as 30 villagers have built toilets under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in Jarkatta, Gumla.  Its utility certificate has also been submitted in the Block Office through Jal Sahiya. Now they are not being paid. When asked about this, the Executive Engineer of the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation said that the report has been sought from Jal Sahiya.

Action or payment can be made only after seeing the whole case. On this, the secretary instructed to take action after examining the case immediately and asked Executive Engineer to visit the site by himself.




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