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Brahmi an effective herb to calm mind: Ayurveda expert

| | Jamshedpur | in Ranchi

Dr Hariprasad, Ayurveda expert at The Himalaya Drug Company has said that Brahmi is an effective herb to calm the mind, promote clarity of thought, and help memory consolidation. It is one of the oldest brain boosters in existence, used since ancient times to improve cognitive abilities. Consuming this herb regularly improves mental agility, helping students in their endeavors to achieve their goals.

With the current focus on academia, maintaining good memory has become increasingly important for students. Consistent and effective studying techniques are essential to perform well in exams. Additionally, the use of naturals hacks will significantly help boost mindpower without the fear of side effects. Healthy habits like eating balanced meals and drinking at least 8 glasses of water should also be practiced regularly. The mind and body must both be taken care of to ensure maximum productivity during the exam season.

 With the intense pressure of studies, students often forget the value of sleep. Studies conducted by Harvard University and other prominent research bodies have consistently proven that there is a strong relationship between sleep and memory, demonstrating that students who get adequate sleep usually get better grades than those who do not. Along with the minimum hours of sleep required every night, short study breaks have shown to help the brain function better by giving it a combination of relaxation and stimulation. It gives students the energy they need to keep learning and remember what they have learnt better.




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