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Coal Secy inaugurates ‘online coal block information system’

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Union Coal Secretary Shushil Kumar during his review meet of CMPDIL  inaugurated “Online Coal Block Information System” which contains online information of Coal blocks of all major coalfields along with reserves , area and boundaries on Tuesday. In the same session, he also inaugurated Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation software, “PARADIGM”  for coal exploration having the capability to integrate Seismic  data with Borehole data, geophysical logging and core data, etc., for better estimation of resources.

In the review meeting officials of CMPDIL gave a power Point Presentation and interacted with Shri Kumar on the progress made by CMPDIL and also about its achievements, future plans etc.

 He also stressedon the need  for quick preparation of Geological Reports(G.R) for the entire country, giving focus on planning of  big coal mines, software’s to develop transparency  through internal resources and taking necessary steps for extending help in  preventing theft of Coal.

 He praised CMPDI for its efforts and achievements but advised to be more pro-active for enhancing business dynamism. He ended with the message, ”Don’t limit yourself, think beyond”.

Earlier in the Morning, Kumar began his day at CMPDIL by visiting the Earth Science Museum at CMPDIL premises.






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