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Day of dismay for many at Skill Summit

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SThe first-ever skill summit by the Government on Friday at Harivansh Tana Bhagat Stadium in Khelgaon must have given wings to the dreams of 6,000 youth who were distributed symbolic appointment letters, but the event also witnessed dozens of young faces feeling cheated as their employers didn’t come at the venue, leaving them angry and their fate hanging in uncertainty.

Be it Shreya Sonam, Gayatri Sudarshi, Komal Srivastava, Shiva Kumar Mahto, Rohit Kumar Singh, Gul Hassan, Chandan Akinchan, Shahid Kaif Quraishi or Akhtar Hussain among dozens of others, all appeared upset, anguished and disappointed with their employers neither reaching out to the Skill Summit venue nor leaving any trace of selected candidates’ future.

“I was selected for two companies during selection drive carried out during January 9-11 in Khelgaon. I got a confirmation call on January 10 from someone who said that I was selected and I must come on Friday to collect my joining letter during Skill Summit. But none of the employers or their representatives is visible anywhere in the summit. They are not available even on phones, and I don’t know what to do,” said Shreya Sonam who claimed to have been selected in Airtel for Delhi location and in Money Maker for Indore location. Calling such an incident not unusual, a senior government official present at the venue said seeking anonymity that though what happened with the students was unfortunate, there might be various reasons behind it. He admitted that there were few apparent flaws in terms of co-ordination, but also said that the selected candidates should wait for a day or two as more than 20,000 appointment letters were to be distributed through online.

“What is really disturbing is that the phone number from which we got confirmation calls has remained unreachable so far on the day. Even if they are facing some technical issues, there is no harm for them to intimate us the same,” said Gul Hassan. Notably, couple of phone numbers of the employers provided by those candidates appeared in series and remained unreachable when the pioneer tried to reach out to them. 




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