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Experts discuss State’s progress in universalisation of elementary education

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The Department of Education, Government of Jharkhand and United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICEF) organised a multi-stakeholder discussion to collect and combine various NGO interventions around the Right to Education (RTE) and creation of ‘Child Friendly Schools’ in Jharkhand.

“Government of Jharkhand has made progress in universalization of elementary education. Latest National Accreditation Survey (NAS) data shows that Jharkhand is performing above national average on learning outcomes. Nevertheless, pressing challenges exist. Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) at primary and Upper Primary level is above 100, but it decreases sharply at secondary and higher secondary level and settles at 72.6 and 56.7, respectively,” said the Chief of UNICEF Jharkhand, Dr. Madhulika Jonathan on Tuesday.

“Education is not just integral to right to development and participation but also plays important role in child protection and child survival. UNICEF’s Child Friendly Schools and System framework outlines the quality parameters for Education,” added she.

The two-day workshop will consist of civil society organisations showcasing positive examples and innovations in the areas of enrolment and retention through sensitization of School management committees (SMCs) and engagement of the community, creation of child friendly physical environment (by focusing on sanitation and hygiene), etc. from across the State. Along with that, the discussion will also focus on identifying gap areas or unaddressed challenges.

“Life skills education should be an integral part of the school schedule. Students have diverse needs, backgrounds and temperaments. The education system and society at large should promote respect for diversity and uniqueness of each child,” said Director, Jharkhand Council of Education, Research and Training (JCERT), Dr. Shailesh Chaurasia.

The discussion was attended by international and grassroots level organizations, academicians, key officials from the JCERT and JEPC, Kumar Premchand, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Specialist, Parul Sharma, Education Specialist, UNICEF and State Project Director, Jharkhand Education project Council (JEPC), Uma Shanker Singh.




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