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Father, lover held for killing class 10 girl

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Police cracked a difficult murder case wherein a father was caught with tell tale evidence against him in the barbaric disposal of his own daughter. The case was cracked in just five days’ time. Police recovered the weapon a knife used in this crime.

The case in brief is that a dalit father joined hands with another dalit man, a married man having wife and three children, to eliminate his own daughter. It was no spur of the moment murder but a well thought of murder said DSP.

The case is no honour killing as a father took the help of the lover of his daughter, prompted the lover to arrange for the murder and then the two killed the girl without any remorse and guilt.

The girl is class 10 student of 17 years of age Pooja Kumari and the father is Ram Perwesh Ram. The lover is Ranjit alias Babloo.  The clan is all dalit girl and her killer Babloo too. Ram and Babloo are poor and survive on daily labour but they have one thing in common – taste for wine!

As the case was most heinous and barbaric since the head of the girl Pooja Kumari was chopped off and before her murder the lover Babloo had sex with her too and so this crime which occurred on February 7 night had rocked Palamu most and DSP Manoj K Mahto and his team was under tremendous pressure to crack this murder.

First the chopped off head was recovered. Second, the weapon used in the crime was dug out from the bed of a water body near a qabristan where the beheaded body of the dalit girl was found on February 7.

Mahto said, “The case was tough. There was nothing left at the murder site. The girl was first throttled and then after a few hours her head was chopped  off in her dead position and so there was not much of blood at the place of occurrence.”

Police zeroed in on the father Ram Parwesh Ram and the cell phone of the girl Pooja Kumari and the case began to unfold. Pooja was in relation with Babloo and had frequent bouts of sex with him too said DSP.

She was pressuring Babloo to marry her which Babloo was putting off as he was already a married man. The result of this was that Pooja became too wayward and started spending time with other boys of the village Ganj under Haidernagar police station. She sped up her outings too.

DSP said her father hated Pooja for all her relation and outing and thus conspired with Babloo to finish her as Babloo too had wanted to get rid of her because of her pressure for marriage.

It was the father who got the knife and after crime he hid it in the water body which police on his lead found.

Ram and Babloo eliminated her for different reasons father for her waywardness and lover for the pressure on him and the police made no mistake but arrested Ram and Babloo and remanded the two in judicial custody on Monday February 12 just 5 days after this crime.




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