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Huge logistics involved in elephant transfer from Andaman

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Two State governments -- West Bengal and Jharkhand -- will have to give road permit for the transportation of five elephants which are to come from Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Sources said West Bengal government will give road permit for ferrying the elephants from Kolkata to Maithon on NH 2 which is the border of Jharkhand with West Bengal. Jharkhand government will issue the road permit for bringing down the elephants from Maithon to PTR.

Following the death of one elephant in the island PTR will now get five elephants from Andaman & Nicobar. A K Mishra deputy director North division PTR has confirmed the casualty of one elephant in the island saying from Kolkata these five elephants will be ferried by road (NH 2) for PTR .

The two islands were to part with 20 elephants earlier. Now it is 19 only. Jharkhand’s share of 6 elephants is now reduced to 5 while the quota of West Bengal and Bihar remains intact 6 elephants and 8 elephants respectively.

Sources said 19 elephants are to be brought down first to Kolkata by ship from the island. Here the problem is too acute.

Private cargo ship is asking for 5 lakh per elephant for journey from island to Kolkata. Further private cargo will ship one elephant per trip and it means 19 days to go for this transportation only of 19 elephants. Mishra confirmed this saying the government is looking towards shipping corporation of India as these 19 elephants can then be brought down from the island in just two trips and the cost of each 5 elephants for Jharkhand will be far less than half of what the private cargo ship is asking for.

Andaman Nicobar island had taken down these elephants from Bihar’s Sonepur fair by ship a few years back and that ship is still water worthy said Mishra and hence shipping corporation of India is to be approached for the same ship and its crew as it has with it the expertise of holding elephants in ship for days together.

The ship that had ferried the elephants of Sonepur fair to island is a passenger one and not a cargo ship.

Mishra said the ship houses elephants on its first deck while the upper deck is for passengers. Sources said it is not that easy to bring in 5 elephants from island to PTR as there lies multiple logistics behind it.




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