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Injured elephant in recovery mode

| | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi

Officials of tiger reserve Palamu in consultation with noted vet doctor Ajay has put off the idea to put the injured male adult elephant of PTR on any tranquilising shot. The injured elephant is doing well on its own said sources.

MP Singh CCF cum Field Director PTR said, “The elephant is roaming around. It puts its legs in water. Then it sprays soil on it perhaps to keep the maggots at bay.”

Singh said the elephant is eating barks and shafts of saal trees and bamboos and knows well what food will heal its injury.

Dr Ajay said the elephant has left behind no trace of any puss and fluid on the route it has so negotiated .He said villagers and ground staff of PTR talked about oozing of fluid of this elephant a couple of days back but on Saturday there is neither any trace of

fluid nor of puss. He added the dung of the elephant is huge and suggestive of his partaking of sufficient food.

The elephant shows no sign of any misfit with health as its movement is like that of any healthy elephant.

Dr Ajay said a healthy elephant puts its right hind leg on the same spot where it had put is right front leg and this elephant is doing the same.

About the injury Dr Ajay said it looks superficial and alludes to muscular one.

Asked if this too can be due to blast of IED laid by Maoists Dr Ajay said, “The injury is not major and the elephant is recovering  and this is what I can vouch for now.”




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