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Law and order deteriorating in country: Cong

| | Jamshedpur | in Ranchi

The State Congress has claimed that the law and order has hit an all-time low, with incidents of crime becoming a regular feature.

Condemning the rape of a 8 year old girl in Jammu, SRA Rizwi Chabban, senior Congress leader said that, “the situation in the country has become a matter of great concern.”

 “The recent incident of rape in Jammu is the glaring example. The situation was much better before BJP rule. The gloomy law and order scenario only goes to show that the administrative machinery completely is out of control,” said Chabban.

He further added that the criminals have regained confidence after BJP came to power in the country,  due to which incidents of crime have shot up.

The Congress leader also said that the BJP was also trying to repeat the same episode and bow down in the country again.

Congress, however, will not allow this to happen and will continue to demand immediate dissolution of the Assembly to pave way of fresh Elections.




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