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Like Bihar, Cong may bet on Marandi in J’khand

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United Opposition in the form of parties in the camp—JMM, Congress, JVM and others coming together for July 17 presidential poll—is potentially gelling for a larger Jharkhand politics. Indications are that the unity, setting aside the leadership issue for a while, is in agreement to form an alliance in the lines of neighbouring Bihar ahead of 2019.

Inputs coming in from different parties functional in the State suggest that more or less the Congress has agreed to work under JVM chief and former chief minister of Jharkhand Babulal Marandi who is supposed to lead the folks.

“Most of the parties, including Congress have agreed to accept Babulal Marandi as their leader. Congress’ national leadership has been taken into confidence. Senior Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahay has worked extensively in that direction and it can be seen at different platforms. We are also in touch with Congress State president Sukhdeo Bhagat who is not saying anything openly in this regard as of now,” said a senior JVM functionary requesting not to be named.

The indication seems to have hold waters looking at various public meetings, agitations against land acquisition and police firing incidents that happened in the State where the Congress has been represented together with JVM. Though Sukhdeo Bhagat did not confirm about any such understanding, but stressed over the need of such an alliance in Jharkhand as well.

“No talk about leadership in Jharkhand is in process right now in the party. However, I can say that the solidarity shown during the presidential election would continue ahead. All the parties have their priorities but the larger issue remains. If we have to uproot the BJP rule, then we all would have to come together like we did in Bihar,” said Bhagat on Wednesday.

Moreover, the JVM is apprehensive about the unequivocal nod coming from the largest party in Opposition—JMM. “We have had rounds of talk with Hemant Soren on the leadership issue and told him that smaller parties, the Left parties and RJD have no issue in projecting Babulal Marandi as their leader.

 Even Nitish Kumar has on more than one occasion backed him.This is also a known fact. An understanding has been arrived that the entire Opposition can contest elections united while keeping aside the leadership issue and not projecting any face in advance. Once we get the majority post election, the elected representatives would sit and choose the leader,” said JVM treasurer KK Poddar.

The JMM is officially not saying anything on this very issue but when Hemant Soren was asked about the orchestra coming up during voting for Congress nominee Meira Kumar this Monday, he had replied briefly, “Unity is there that is why it is appearing.”




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