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Man gets death for minor’s rape, murder

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A Special Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Court of Shiv Pal Singh on Monday pronounced death sentence to a man for raping and killing a 9-year old minor girl in 2014. The decision was pronounced by the Court on the basis of statements recorded by 14 witnesses from the prosecution and other evidences provided by the police in the case.

“25-year Gandhi Oraon, a bus cleaner, has been sentenced under section 302 of IPC for killing a 9-year old girl by thrashing her head after raping her as she started shouting during the incident,” said Special Public Prosecutor (POCSO) AK Rai. Oraon has also been sentenced life and fine of Rs 10,000 under section 376, five-year jail under section 201 of IPC and life sentence and a fine of Rs 10,000 under section 6 of POCSO Act, he added.

Rai said that Oraon, quite known to the family and the girl as well, took the girl away from home on March 20, 2014 alluring her of giving biscuits when her parents were having hot arguments over some trivial issue and took her to a lonely place near the grave yard near Khadgarha Bus Stand under Lower Bazaar police station and raped her.

“When she started shouting, he brutally thrashed her head by a stone and dumped the body in the bushes behind the grave yard and left the place. When her parents did not find her in the night, they registered a complaint next day following which Oraon was arrested by police in Seraikela while he was trying to escape to Kolkata,” said Rai. On the basis of his statement, body of the girl was recovered from the grave yard on the same day, he added.

Interestingly, Oraon somehow managed to run away from the police lock up in the evening on March 20, 2014 but was arrested again and was sent to jail. Since then he has been lodged in Birsa Munda Central Jail, he added. Meanwhile, he admitted his crime and police recovered the blood soaked clothes of the Oraon near the grave year after he spotted the place where he had hidden it, said the Special PP.    

“Those blood stains were matched with those of the girl and the blood of Oraon on the basis of which it became clear that the crime was committed by him only,” said the Special PP statements of 14 other witnesses produced by us also helped in proving Oraon’s involvement in the crime, he added. Oraon was convicted by the court on January 31, while he had been lodged in Birsa Munda Central Jail since March 21, 2014.




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