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Markets decked up, police caution against moral policing

| | Jamshedpur | in Ranchi

The district police have ensured strict vigil in view of Valentine’s Day tomorrow. The police will take strict legal action against members of outfits if they attempt to indulge in moral policing on Wednesday.

Police officials informed that already places where lovers and couples gather have been identified and police personnel in uniform as well as in plainclothes will be posted in adequate numbers in Park, Zoo, shopping complexes, and cinema theatres.

In the past, there had been attempts by outfits on Valentine’s Day, stating that love and lovers moving around was against Indian culture. They had even staged protests by burning Valentine’s Day greeting cards stating that the celebrations were ‘Western culture’.

"Adequate police presence will be witnessed on city roads on the Valentine's day. Everybody has the right to freedom of expression and whoever takes the law in their hands will be dealt strictly. Those who want to protest against anything can express themselves in a peaceful manner,” said an official.

Meanwhile the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) appealed to the youth to refrain from 'immoral' or 'indecent' behavior at public places on the Valentine's Day. "We always been a devotee of the true love. Rather than celebrating love just for one day, we worship love throughout the year, this is our culture. But if youth select one day to express their love we don't have any issues with it. But expressing love beyond the boundaries of the social norms and the cultural values of the country should be avoided," said a district leader.

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