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No Monsoon break for Maoists: Latehar SP

| | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi

Monsoon affects Maoists and security forces as well but here Nature is an equaliser as it does not make any difference between the two since in Monsoon dense foliages appear which are put to advantage by the Maoists and the security forces as per their need and requirement, said Latehar SP Prashant Anand.

Dense foliages reduce visibility and in Monsoon evening creeps in faster which the two sides do not miss to take advantage of, said a candid SP Anand. The SP reiterated that there will be no respite for Maoists as Ops against them will continue. “There will be no Monsoon break for Maoists,” he maintained.

Sources said DGP DK Pandey, during his recent visit to Latehar, had asked his officials to make aware and prepare forces to brace up Monsoon with care and caution.

Cops are advised to take care of weapon, equipment, rain led diseases, activities in jungle etc.  Anand said cops have been advised to keep one extra set of uniform, underwear and socks, in case of dysentery or loose motion. Blisters in sole or summer prick borne out of profuse sweating is to be controlled with mustard oil.

Anand said he along with trained personnel and ASP (Ops) has been preparing jawans and officials to fight Monsoon without suffering any damage to their physique. The jungles of Latehar, especially of Burha Pahar areas are snake prone zones where are found in abundance the most deadly russel viper the Karait and the cops, said Anand, have been asked to wear high boots in such a place and in the event of any one getting bitten by snake then not to panic but to do homemade treatment like washing the bitten place with cold water but before that the bitten place is to be tied with either cloth or hanky from both sides..

He said cops have been asked to ensure that such a victim of snake bite does not fall asleep.  Do all to keep him awake he said.

Rope is used while negotiating any rain fed rivulet/ river/ nullah. Cops who are swimmers be drafted in Ops against naxals he said. Prefer ‘buddy pair’ while crossing any rain water filled water bodies Anand reminded.

Cops have been alerted if their hair gets erected on its own then it is a dangerous sign and then cops must cover hair with hands and keep head between the two knees!

Anand said keeping weapon and equipment away from getting wet and moist cops are to do extra work like use of muzzle cover, oiling og weapon, use of plastic bag to protect ammunition from being moist, down towards earth position of barrel high ankle shoes, long boot,use of nylon rope and torch and medicine a must with every cop.,

Fear of lightning in jungles is too high and for this cops have been advised to follow the guidelines issued by the state disaster management department where in standing beneath any tree or talking on cell phone with internet are extremely risky to life, said the SP.




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