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Nurses allege assault by SDM, Giridih

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Often being in the news for her pro-active working style, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Giridih, Vijaya Jadhav is now facing the ire of nurses posted at the Sub Divisional Hospital. A trainee nurse and other staff of Sub-divisional Hospital, Giridih, have alleged that they were assaulted with a scalpel by relatives of 26 -year-old woman and SDM after the woman died after delivery  at Sadar Hospital in Giridih late on Tuesday night.

Trainee nurse Baby  Kumari has a deep red mark on her face and some blunt injuries in the assault, they said. The hospital Staff nurse & Labour room in charge Nilu Kisfota on Wednesday filed a complaint with the civil surgeon, Giridih in this regard. The nurses have demanded strict implementation of the Medicare Act, 2010. It protects them from physical assaults and intimidation by patients’ relatives and government officials. These acts are non-bailable offences under the Act.

A nurse of the hospital said, “After we informed about patient’s demise, the relatives of the deceased burst into rage and barged into the labour room. One of them took a scalpel and slashed it on a nurse and doctor’s face claiming negligence. Others joined him.”

While Nilu Kisfota a staff and nurse room in-charge said that the SDM entered the nurse room with one male person who she said was a doctor and with some of the relatives of the deceased within 10 minutes of the event. After entering the room, they assaulted all the nurses and threatened  to keep them  out from service. “Fearing for their life, these nurses are wondering if they should even go to the police,” a nurse said, requesting anonymity.

The local unit of nurses did inform seniors and medical superintendent on Wednesday about the scenario. They were afraid of being found out for hiring a bad security agency,” said another nurse.

The Nursing Training College Principal Alizabeth  Naag said, “We will file a complaint to nurse association of India in this regard.” Others doctors and nurses  condemned the attack and extended support to the local nurses of the Hospital. If our SDM will show such type of behaviour with government employees then where we will go, adding Alizabeth Naag. The SDM could not be contacted for her comments on the issue.




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