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Police bust bike-lifter gang running DJ group

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Ranchi police have busted a gang of nine students, including three minors, involved in bike theft and had been using duplicate keys to start bikes parked at different locations where DJ events were organized.

Talking to the media persons at Lalpur Police Station, Ranchi Superintendent of Police Aman Kumar said that fourteen stolen bikes along with 10 mobile phones have been recovered from their possession.

“Kumar Gaurav, a resident of Jehanabad, who is also a mastermind of this gang, owns a DJ Group and had been managing events. Other students came into Gaurav’s contact while searching for jobs and were dragged into this activity somehow after getting motivated by him to make quick money,” said the City SP. Recently, some of these people, including Gaurav, had also gone to Shimla and Manali for fun with the money earned by this activity, he added.

Kumar further said that they used to sell off the bikes stolen by them to some places Bihar like Nawadah and adjoining districts after tempering their engine and chassis numbers along with the number plates.

“They have been in this activity for at least 2 years and were involved in several cases related to bike theft,” said Kumar. A total of 14 bikes including one scooter, have been recovered from different locations like Anatnpur, Jalan Raod in Upper Bazar and Ketari Bagan in Chutia being used by these people, he added.

The SP said that the Kumar Gaurav and three others were identified from a CCTV footage obtained from the parking of Star Height Building during the investigations conducted for a bike theft of an Apache Motorcycle which had taken place on July 12. The group was contacted by the police after obtaining the group’s visiting card having mobile number of Gaurav over it.

“They were called in the name of organizing a DJ Event at Morhabadi Ground and taken to Lalpur Police Station by the Police for interrogations, who refused their involvement in any such activity but later admitted their involvement after they were made to hear a voice- call dealing with Saurabh Rawat regarding a bike stolen by him, recorded through spy call recording,” said the SP City.

Others who have been arrested include Abhishek Sharma from Bokaro, Sanidhya Sharma from Upper Bazar Ranchi, Saurabh Rawat, Kanhaiya Raj and Kundan Kumar of Nawadah, Numan of Hindpidhi Ranchi and three minors who were sent to remand homes.




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