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Rape in moving train, a fabricated story: SIT

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The 19-year-old girl from Punjab, who had created a sensation by saying that she was gangraped in the moving Ranchi bound Swarnjayanti Express by four unidentified persons on February 6,

was proved to be a completely fake story.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT), headed by Rail SP Sangeeta Kumari, formed to investigate into the alleged incident of rape, disclosed on Thursday that no incident of rape took place in the train and the girl had narrated a fabricated story to hide the physical relationship established with her friend when she was at her home during vacations a few days back.

“The girl has admitted in her statement under Section 164 recorded before the Magistrate that no such incident took place in the train, and she fabricated the story out of nervousness, only to cover the fact from Sisters in the convent that she had been in physical relationship with her boyfriend sometime back during her stay at her home town Fajilka in Punjab,” said the Rail SP. When the CCTV footage of Ranchi Railway Station after the train arrived on February 6 was cross checked, her body language while coming out of the train itself depicts that no untoward incident had happened during the journey, added the SP.

The SP said the medical report prepared by a medical board has also cleared that no any evidence of rape was found on her body.

“Moreover, when we tried to verify the incident from two of the co-passengers travelling with her in the same compartment, they confirmed that the girl was travelling with them but denied any such incident of rape during the journey from Muri to Ranchi,” said the SP. Statements of the electric staff, Train Driver and the TTI also corroborated that electricity supply was not disrupted during the journey, as claimed by the girl, she added.  

The SP claimed that when all the evidences in the form of statements recorded from different persons in this regard were corroborated, it indicated that no incident of rape had taken place in the train and she had been making false allegations.

“The statement recorded by her under section 164 before the Magistrate further strengthened the findings by the SIT and we reached to a conclusion that no such incident took place in the train,” she said.

Remarkably, the girl had claimed that she was gangraped on seat number 17 of S-3 bogey in deserted Swarnjayanti Express between Muri junction and Ranchi Station by four persons, who escaped by pulling the chain at some unknown place on February 6.  Two days after the rape, the woman allegedly attempted suicide by consuming poison but was rescued and rushed to Ranchi’s Guru Nanak Hospital for treatment and an FIR was reported at Chutia Police Station and was later transferred to GRP Police Station in Ranchi as the incident took place in a running train.

Looking at sensitivity of the incident, a special investigation team (SIT) headed by Sangita Kumari was formed to trace out the culprits.




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