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Shah reaches out to tribals to remove confusion

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BJP national president Amit Shah, during one-day visit to Jharkhand, kept his meeting with sections of tribal community top on priority and explained them the reasons why they should support the party in future. He, on the occasion, touched upon contentious issue of land while terming the steps taken for the wellbeing of the people coming from the community in good numbers in the State.

Addressing the gathering organised for establishing communication with tribal intellectuals on Wednesday, Shah instead cautioned them against provocations of different kind.

“It is easy to provoke the feelings of tribals but ensuring their development is altogether a different ballgame. Congress has been using their sentiments for last 70 years but did nothing for tribals. You people should not fall into trap of the Congress and its newborn allies here and instead ask from yourselves whether condition of roads, electricity, health and several other amenities have improved under the BJP rule or not,” said the BJP president. The dialogue held importance in the wake of the Opposition’s protest centered about amendments done into the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 by the State Government. Taking this forward, he termed the protests as an attempt to spread rumours. “They are saying that the Act has been weakened through the amendments. In fact, it was weak earlier and now has been strengthened under the BJP Government. I hereby challenge all the political pundits with the Congress and other parties in Opposition to prove me wrong,” said Shah.

He, on the occasion, lauded works done by the Narendra Modi Government during its stay at the Centre and said it was working only on development agenda with inclusiveness. “The Government is not here for vote bank politics. It has taken steps, made policies and executed them keeping everyone into mind. Now when polls are nearing those who just used the votes of tribals for last 70 years are coming together and spreading misinformation like this. It was necessary to clear the doubts,” the BJP chief added further. He in order to justify his claims referred to focused development taking place in 115 aspirational districts of the country, of which 19 fall in Jharkhand, and said that most of the districts were dominated by tribal communities along with other backward sections on the margins of the society. Chief Minister Raghubar Das, MP Karia Munda and former CM Arjun Munda also expressed their opinion.

Later, he also sat separately with Lok Sbaha in-charges of the party, office bearers at State level and leaders from different wings of the BJP and reviewed the tasks given to them in the light of the 2019 battle.




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