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Solar Charkhas to revolutionise cottage industries in State

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Replacing the age-old hand driven charkhas (spinning wheels), Khadi Gramodyog Board Jharkhand has introduced the concept of Solar Charkhas to revolutionize the cottage industries here in Jharkhand.

In an attempt to boost employment while linking the rural populace with some constructive traits, Development Commissioner, Amit Khare, Tourism (Director), Rahul Sharma and Jharkhand State Khadi Gramodyog Board Chairperson, Sanjay Seth on Saturday launched Solar Charkha and inaugurated Khadi Spinning Training Centre at Sai Kripa, Hatia.

With the introduction of Solar Charkhas here, Ranchi has entered into an elite club after Varanasi, Rajasthan, Bihar and Lucknow that had implemented the concept of Solar Charkhas a while ago to boost employment.

Bringing in the concept of innovative technologies to eradicate poverty, the Khadi Board Chairperson on the occasion said, “After Ranchi, the concept of Solar Charkhas will be introduced in other districts of the State as well. The Khadi Board has planned to open 22 centres across the State. At present, we have covered Chas, Bokaro, two centers at Angara which is being operated by Sewa Bharati and Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra, Garhwa, Daltonganj and Deogarh.”

At the newly inaugurated Khadi Spinning Centre, Ranchi, approximately 25 women will be trained at a time. “Three months training to women will be provided by the Board. A monthly stipend of Rs 1,500 will be given to the trainees,” said Seth.

Seth further added that the spinning wheels will be provided to the women at a minimum margin cost. Beneficial from several aspects for the weavers, manually a spinning wheel can make about 30 hanks per day while the Solar Charkas can generate around 80 hanks daily doubling the amount earned by the weavers on daily basis.  

Khare present on the occasion applauded the new initiative of Khadi Board.  Utilizing the renewal source of energy for generating yarns in sufficient quantity, Khare said, “The move taken up by the Khadi Board is worth appreciating. For growth and advancement of any State, role of cottage industries in generating employment is equally essential. This will generate employment even at the remotest areas as the concept is sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective.”

Similarly, Tourism (Director), Rahul Sharma said, “This eco-friendly aka green venture will set an example. The Khadi Board endeavour will not merely provide jobs but will promote such unique concepts encouraging people to switch from regular medium to something innovative.”




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