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Tight security arrangements in place for Prez visit today

| | RANCHI | in Ranchi

The State capital city is all ready to welcome President of India Ram Nath Kovind under heavy security net on Wednesday on the occasion of the 17th Foundation Day of the State.

Senior officials taking care of security and law and order situations in the city said that security personnel would be deployed at important locations, including high-rise buildings and other strategic points on the route the first citizen of India convoy passes through on the day with 100 Magistrates, 12 DSPs, SDOs and over 10,000 security personnel from various security organisations on roads.

The first citizen of India is on his maiden visit to Ranchi, though only for around eight hours, as a President to unveil and inaugurate a number of welfare programmes by the government as Chief Guest of Jharkhand Foundation Day celebrations in Morhabadi. He is also scheduled to visit Yogda Satsang Ashram at it’s 100th Foundation Day on Wednesday before he returns to New Delhi. Notably, different Central forces apart from President's security wing will remain equally involved in providing security in Ranchi on the day during President’s visit.

“We have divided entire area of President’s movement into small zones for security purposes and different security agencies, primarily Jharkhand Police, are taking care of them as per security requirements. We have deployed over 100 Magistrates, a dozen DSP and over 10,000 security personnel from different organisations for the day to avoid any mishap,” said Ranchi ADM (Law and Order) Girija Shanker Prasad on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, repeated security and traffic mock drill from Birsa Munda Airport to Morhabadi to avoid any last minute inconvenience left routine traffic of city at important roads and roundabouts creeping. Notably, similar kind of rehearsal was performed on Monday also. 

“We are doing our best to keep both traffic of city and the traffic of President convoy smooth. Routes have been diverted for the day and the same has been informed to the public in advance. I request citizens to keep timings of President’s movement and routes in mind before coming out on roads. I will also say that this is a day of celebration and everyone must celebrate. But one must remain civilized while doing so, away from routes marked for first citizen’s movement,” said Traffic SP Sanjay Ranjan Singh on the day. 




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