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Truck, bus collission in Bokaro; 19 injured

| | BOKARO | in Ranchi

A speeding private bus jumped a speed breaker and overtook a other vehicle from right violating the median rammed into truck of the same route head-on near Baradih More on Saturday morning injuring 19 passengers, five of them critically including drivers, police sources said

The incident happened around 5:30 am at the Baradih more on Bokaro-Ramghrah road. Witness said , driver of the truck that was packed up at his seat at least two hours as the bus (JH-07D-8209) skipped speed breaker and while attempting to overtake a other vehicle from right it rammed straight against the other truck (JH-02V-3097).

Police sources said that the impact left the front portion of the bus and truck mangled and the passengers inside the not so packed vehicles rattled. Some had their heads smashed against the floor, some banged against the front seat and some were injured with parts of steel piercing into their bodies.  

The conditions of the two drivers were the most critical. The others passenger who got injured were identified as Subham Kumar, Mannu Sharma, Namita Sharma, Mohin Ansari, Janni Babu, Mahadeo Mahto, Nazamul Khan (driver), Nayan Kumar, Arnav Kumar, Sristi Kumari, Madhav Kumar, Rup Lal Mahto, Naveen Kishor Prasad, Javed Ali, Abdul Samsuddin, Zarina Bibi, Azin, Salim and Nikhat Praveen.They have injuries on his chest, neck, legs, waist and back of the head.

All have been admitted in local hospital in Bokaro .

There around 10 of the injured passengers were discharged after initial treatment while others were admitted. The officer- in charge of Jaridih police station who was one of the firsts among policemen to reach the accident spot  from Baradih more said both the drivers were trapped in their cabins and firemen had to rescue them by cutting open the gates. Among those injured were two children ,two women and rest men including the two drivers.




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