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VBU elections: 13 nominations for 4 posts

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The second phase of student union election of Vinoba Bhave University began on Friday with the publication of voters list. On January 13 candidates of different student organisations filed their papers for the university level student union for which voting and counting is scheduled to be held on January 19.

Since this second phase of election will be an indirect election so activities of office bearers of different student organizations has increased suddenly. In this election the winners of different colleges and PG department are the voters so the role of money and muscle power is bound to come in play in the days to come. The results of first phase of election clearly says that ABVP is far ahead here in comparison to other student organisation but after the announcement of results, incidents took place in different colleges, are worrying the peace loving teachers and staffs of the university.

On January 13 the candidates of different student organization came into university premises with an open show of strength. The office of the returning officer for this election was in the chamber of dean, humanities and the way followers of different candidates behaved with the teachers has not only irked them but forced them to write an open letter to the university administration to identify and book the miscreants in the incidents took place in different colleges and in university premises.

For four posts of university student union 13 candidates have filed their nomination papers. It is surprising that out of 13, seven are girl candidates. Election is going to be held for the posts of president, general secretary, vice president and joint secretary.




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